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Sunset on Solar Panels

The future is solar

Saving money while saving the planet

Easy 3 Step Process

Over $100,000 in energy savings

Available in most states in the U.S.

$0 Down Payment on Residential & Commerical Installs

Why Choose Smooth Solar

Financial Freedom

Smooth Solar Power offers clients a way to save on their utility bill.  Some customers have even been able to cut their summer A/C bill in half.  

Energy Independence

Now you will know how much power you're using from your monitoring app and you'll know how much power the utility company is buying from you

Lock in your rates

Having solar gives you the privilege to do what no utility company can do, and that is lock in your rates.

Increase your homes value

According to a study done by Zillow, having solar increases your homes value by about 6%.  While your neighbors who didn't go solar are now paying $500+, your home is in luck because you'll have the cheapest power on the block!

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Go Solar with Smooth Solar

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